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Event-Based Science

Special Needs Students

Event-Based Science modules are meant to challenge students, to encourage them to rise to the demands of real-world problems. But what do you do if you have students who are already challenged? And what do you do if these students are mainstreamed into your regular classes?

The Event-Based Science Project enlisted the help of four outstanding Special Education Teachers. Mary Reese, Jenny Pryphun, Christopher Cuff, and Jennie Discepolo developed general suggestions posted below and specific modifications that are linked to the four books above.

Specific modifications are directed to one role from each Event-Based Science module. The goal of those modifications is to add structure to the role.

General Suggestions:

Here are a few things that you can do:

Avoid Overwhelming the Special Needs (SpN) Student - No student is expected to read everything in an EBS module. But when SpN students see all the Discovery Files, In the News articles, and other reading they can easily become overwhelmed. Try these ideas:

  • Cut up one copy of the EBS module then give the SpN student only one sheet at a time.
  • On that sheet, highlight the most important concepts, or blackout everything else.
  • Select only the Discovery Files and In the News articles that are absolutely necessary for a particular job to.

Provide Options - The key to the success of every EBS module is the cooperative project we call the TASK . These tasks are real-world issues that require teams of students to work together, each playing a role and completing a particular part of the task. The four or five sub tasks that go with each role can be modified. You can create options that you can offer to the whole class but that are designed to focus on the strengths of the SpN students in your class. Examples are linked to the book covers above.

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