To: Parents and Guardians
From:  ___, Principal
The science faculty and administration of ____________ Middle School are 
pleased to announce a change in your child's science curriculum.  This 
semester, in place of our traditional unit on weather, we will be using
an Event-Based Science (EBS) unit called Hurricane! 
Event-Based Science is a middle school science curriculum that was 
developed with support of a grant from the National Science Foundation.
EBS uses television news coverage of real events to introduce science
topics. The event becomes the context for meaningful learning as 
students focus on solving a real problem.
An EBS unit takes about six weeks to complete. During that time, your
child will be designing experiments and conducting investigations that
provide the knowledge and skills needed to solve the problem.  Your 
child will also be challenged to ask questions and to find additional
information from many different sources, including you. During this 
EBS unit, your child will be playing a role and working together with
other children who will each be playing a different role.
Event-Based Science provides a natural connection to the home and 
community. Ask you child about Hurricane!  Help with the search for 
information. Find out about the roles the children are playing and 
see if your job or hobby is like one of those roles. If so, perhaps 
you can be a consultant. Or, perhaps you can help by making yourself 
available by phone or e-mail. Call and volunteer!
We are excited about this new way to teach science.  We are convinced
that it will help all children in our school learn in a natural way. It 
will also demonstrate the usefulness of science in the lives or ordinary