Scenerio Based

From time to time, our site will post real-world scenario-based science investigations for your use. They follow a structure we call the Total Engagement Learning System (TELS). Please let us know what you think of them.

Independant Investigations – Activities created by the EBS Institute for the use of teachers.

Saving the Inlet- A real-world investigation of beach erosion and prevention .
Remote Sensing – Ten scenario-based investigations that support specific Event-Based Science modules but available free to everyone.

Remote Sensing – NASA funded activities.

Collaborative Investigations – Activities created in cooperation with other educational institutions, foundations, and government agencies.

Managing a Pest – A real-world Integrated Pest Management activity created in collaboration with Penn State University.
Cover Your Bases – Fifteen math and science activities that use baseball as their real-world context. These activities were created in collaboration with the Cal Ripken, Jr. Foundation.

Finding a Match – A simulated blood typing activity (PDF format) in the context of organ donation is part of a free program called Decision: Donation—A School Program that Gives the Gift of Life Kit. (Click on the title to order your free copy.) The Finding a Match activity is designed for high school biology classes and was created in collaboration with the US Department of Health and Human Services and the McKenzie Group.
Investigations designed to be used with on-line interactive tutors created by Quantum Simulations™.They will also work as the stand-alone activities that appear here.

Combustion – A real-world Equation Balancing activity
Metric Units – A real-world Metric System activity

Death on the Road – A real-world Percentage activity

Cosmic Distances – A real-world Scientific Notation activity.