Importance of science

Importance of science

Science is everywhere it’s hard to do pretty much anything throughout the day without using or enjoying something that wasn’t founded in science or made better because of it these are of course thanks to advancements and understandings in science You have to be a geek to acknowledge that science is pretty impressive, astounding even. Still, why we take the time to sit down and learn it, why to study science, the chances are you’ve never heard of a charlatan. Still, you’ve come across hundreds of them in your life if you ever been to a circus, read the tabloids in the supermarket checkout aisle or seen the movie The Prestige you probably not only have a great taste in film, but you have run into a charlatan, so what is a charlatan? A charlatan is a person falsely claiming to have specialized knowledge or skill, in other words, a fraud Neil deGrasse Tyson says science is a vaccine against wrongs’ it enables you to know when someone is full and whether or not and that’s power, that’s power protection for yourself, so you will not be exploited by those who do not have your best interests in mind, in other words, science equals knowledge and knowledge equals power and by the communicative principle in algebra.


The new generation

All the time you’re exposed continuously through streamer information unexpected to filter out the nonsense from the warm, meaningful and beauty centre because of the fact that your generation will be the most informed and intellectual in the history of mankind, don’t learn science because you’re afraid of being embarrassed on Facebook or fooled by a con man, learn science because it upgrades your intellectual self. The truth is science was the first subject humans ever knew by observing a mountain sense of our surroundings. Early humans’ tens of thousands of years ago learned to recognize patterns in the stars hoping to navigate the world and prepare for upcoming diseases without giving attention and note to our surroundings we wouldn’t be here today. You might even say that our ability to do science that observes the universe, learn from it bend it to our will and communicate it is what makes us well human. Generation after generation we’ve taught our youth the patterns, we’ve learned about in the universe passing on the torch of knowledge on to our kin of how everything else around us works and how we can use that to our advantage.

In a nutshell

To survive our ancestors have entrusted that we would use the knowledge they gathered as a means to help others and maintain viability in our species, you could almost say this acts as an empowering line of dominoes each knowing it will eventually fall but in the last effort communicates the message to the domino ahead. You can understand the workings of this field if you could recognize the patterns of life if you are a well-practised engineer or a mechanic.